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250 Christian Girls Gang Raped and Executed in the Name of Allah
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While the “bring back our girls” fire concerning the 250 Nigerian girls kidnapped by Muslim insurgents is quickly dying, another 250 Christian girls were abducted in villages near Chibok.
If you’re wondering why this wasn’t covered by the Mainstream Media, it was probably busy attacking Hobby Lobby for not supplying women with abortion pills.
The young girls have been seen on video being gang raped and, ultimately, slaughtered.
Senator Zanna, representative of the Born Central Senatorial District, spoke about the horrifying film:
“Actually the information I’m getting, some of them are very disturbing. Although I don’t want to mention but they are just raping the girls on camera and even showing them on video, releasing it to the public.”
“Somebody told me that they were shown being raped, and in turn, it is the girl who was raped that came out kneeling down and begging the man to be patient. Do you know the reason why? They said when they rape them they shoot them. Therefore the girl after being raped, she curled down to the man, kneeling down and begging him to please be patient. So disturbing.”
The girls were sold into marriages with Muslim men infected with contagious sexually transmitted diseases:
Initially these girls were abducted to be used as sex slaves because they are Christians and in the name of Allah. Boko Haram avoided all Muslim dominated schools and targeted Chibok to kidnap and rape innocent ‘infidel’ Christians. Later they were married to some old men with syphilis, gonorrhea and staphylococcus in the name of Allah.
A man whose age was past sixty was captured by Civilian JTF in Borno in May and he confessed that he has married two of the girls.
Obviously, with his capture, the two girls would be rotated to other sex starved insurgents all in the name of Allah. Later they were forced to convert to Islam and now they are being raped and killed.
The rest of the girls, who were not considered for wives, were brought out for serial raping, followed by execution. Some of the girls are reported to have become pregnant by their rapists. Many of the pregnant girls were shot “in the name of Allah.”
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Punishment for Rape in Islam

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