sexta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2015

Watch African migrants destroy southern Italy - Assistam migrantes africanos destruindo o Sul da Itália

Publicado em 5 de jun de 2015

This video is in compliance with YouTube's community guidelines. 

We realize our videos are sometimes targeted by militant leftist hate groups for deletion. When such groups abuse YouTube's TOS for political reasons, we distribute the video to our network of supporters to be reposted multiple times. That is, the efforts of hate groups to ban compliant videos will be counter productive.

The hate 'group' may be a single individual using multiple accounts. We request YouTube investigate the IP address of each individual in the hate group and, if found to be the same, take appropriate action. 

Origin of content: Fair use

The use of media materials is protected by the Fair Use Clause of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976 which allows for the rebroadcast of copyrighted materials for the purpose of commentary, criticism, and education.

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