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Francis Asbury Triptych

About the Series

Francis Asbury, the George Washington of American Christianity, is the main character of The Asbury Triptych Series.  The three-book novel about the life and times of Francis Asbury opens with, Black Country, delivering what many of Francis Asbury’s biographers have left out for nearly two-centuries, his first 26 years in the west Midlands of England. The second book, Beggar Bishop, brings to life the challenging trials of the young preacher from the iron-working industry as he attempts to forge a church in an American wilderness embroiled in the Revolutionary War with his country of birth. In the climactic third book, Ordination, Francis Asbury continues to struggle with the colonial residents at war with England; he also wrestles with saving all he has labored for from destruction by a factious rebel. To Francis Asbury and others, his success or failure as an individual rides on the outcome of this conflict.

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