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Sweden: IKEA witness to “stabbing”: ‘Asylum seeker cut at least one head off in terrorist act

Posted on August 11, 2015 by ADMIN
A woman has been beheaded and the Swedish report calls it a “stabbing”. How truly insulting and degrading to the victim, to not even have her death acknowledged for what it truly was: a decapitation. By two of the many asylum seekers the EU’s extreme left is demanding countries to bring into their societies.
The Swedish leftist media refuses to let native readers to know the truth. We knew right away when the breaking news came out that a nasty immigrant from either Africa or the Middle East was behind it. Swedish media, of course, refuse to give any descriptions of the criminals. We had to patiently wait.
Since we started this blog we have insisted that Muslims are completely unsuitable immigrants to the West, and extremely dangerous. We demand that Muslims are deported.
Every single Muslim may not be a terrorist, but almost every Muslim is a dormant and potential terrorist, in need of very little coaching to flip and become fully devout. This fact has been known to leaders all over the world for centuries. In response they fully and completely banned Muslim immigration.That all changed just a few recent decades ago and the damages are already visible.
With overwhelming left-wing influence in politics, this sensible and wise decision was changed and society is now filled and flooded with Muslims, anywhere and everywhere you go. The cost and damages following this open door policy to Muslims have been devastated. The only sensible decision is a total 100% ban on Muslim immigration, full deportation process, total ban on residency, asylum and passports to Muslims.
To put an end to terrorism being exported everywhere all trade between Muslim countries and the non-Muslim countries must unanimously be ended in a joint pact around the world. A violation of a total ban should be punishable with sanctions and end of trade contracts with the country concerned.
Only Muslims themselves can make a decision to put an end to their diseased and sick mindset, culture and religion. No one can do that for them. They must come to the realization and desire all by themselves. And until they decide to join the rest of the world as human beings and not as a constant problem, they need to be isolated.
Even in the report below from what is suppose to be “extreme right wing” publication, a leftist naivety is apparent all through the article. Sweden’s prime minister Stefan Löfven is a horrible, horrible pinhead of a man with extreme and bizarre left leaning ideas that defy normal logic. If you want to give him a dose of reality you can email him at: Stefan.lofven@regeringskansliet.se
Google and bing translate:

Witness: Asylum seekers had been cutting of at least one head

from Exponerat
While the Swedish media tried into the longest to convince Swedish readers that no asylum seekers were behind the killings, the Rapport’s [news] journalist commented on the deaths and the victims with “they had very bad luck” and that the police called it a “crazy Act”. The victims ended without heads, after they had just been murdered by Eritrean asylum seekers who do not have an ounce of right to reside or remain.
Sweden has also received such [high] quotas of asylum seekers and unaccompanied [“children”] to suffice for time and eternity ahead. It’s time to close the borders to Arab and African asylum-seekers – otherwise, these acts will escalate further. Just wait until ISIS will bring problems to Sweden – perhaps with a bomb in which dozens of innocent people die.
And who takes on the responsibility for these terrible terrible and ghastly atrocities? The Government? Löfven? Reinfeldt and the Greens who concocted this soup together, immigration service? No, nobody is taking on the responsibility, or even ask to apologize to the Swedish people. It just continues to grind on at the same pace day in and day out.
Mirjam Tapper who has seen images from the executions at the IKEA department store writes on Facebook:
Just seen a couple of photos taken by a visitor to IKEA. The images and texts got the legs to fold almost below me. If the photos are authentic (I have no reason to believe that they are not), it indicates that what many have long feared to now happen in Sweden. The killings appear to be a pure terror act.
And carried out in the most bestial way. I was furious when Rapport journalist yesterday commented on the deaths and the victims situation with the comment “they had very bad luck”. And the police called it ‘a mad deed’.
In any country except Sweden this event had prompted a comment from the Government, but here it is dismissed as an ordinary event in the flow of violent acts. And it is only blinded and silence down. I feel anger, disappointment and contempt for this country’s politicians who are leaving their people in the lurch and expose it to social engineering with dire consequences.
Sweden is sick, extremely sick and it needs to recover. Am glad I don’t have to stay here longer. I have a lot to compare with after I have lived in many countries in Europe, included following the news reporting in three languages in addition to Swedish. And I’m upset all the way into the bones of the ignorance in Sweden.
I will write a long letter to Stefan Löfven [hard left prime minister] in the government because I now feel a need to use my writing abilities and my reputation as a professional person. This must not continue.
The fact that at least one head had been cut off from the body [in the attack] will obviously be concealed, as long as this left leaning media in the country reports on the matter. Not even the police will dare to come out and tell you this truth – or what do you think?
Lorentz Brydolf: How did the photographs look like and what did the text say?
Mirjam Tapper: It looked like the head had been separated from the body. I saw a woman lay on the floor and it [text] said that the intensive care nurse did no resuscitation efforts.

Source: (aqui)


I have also sent a copy of this article to Lofvren the bloody insipid left wing idiot along with all his government still in diapers. Russia will have no problem shoving its boot in. I wonder why Russia is so interested in Scandinavia right now? Anyone any ideas?


How you came to power is beyond my comprehension. You appear to have no knowledge or understanding of the Islamic mind. Are you not aware of historical facts related to Islam/Mohammed?

For a man who appears to be approximately my generation, your policies seem to have overlooked contemporary history from 1933 to date. I note Sweden adopted the Eurgenics program in ’33 the same year as Hitler, this same year also saw the House of Saud tribe confer on themselves the status of Royalty. During WWII a religious leader of Egypt conspired with Hitler to build concentration camps in the middle east in which burn and gas all middle eastern Jews. Are you aware how backward the Islamic nations are? Do you not know the Imams in these countries avoid letting the masses read or be educated. The masses are brainwashed from age three males only through recitation of endless verses of the Koran. I don’t suppose you have even read the Koran. I could go on and educate you more but frankly I can’t be bothered.

Suffice to say you and your bunch of virtual university grads running the Swedish government and paying the newspapers therefore censoring them should not be running a country. Your ideas are out of date, we no longer live in a communist society. The most heinous crime you have committed which I would go as far as to say is a crime against humanity. You have shipped in thousands of Islamic terrorists from all over North Africa and the rest of the middle east. Are you proud Sweden has the highest incidence of Rape in Europe and Scandinavia? Are you aware 1 in 4 women and girls are raped daily in Sweden? Are you proud of all arson and grenade attacks these savages have waged against your country and people? And condoning the recognition of so called palestine simply adds more fuel to the fire. 

Do you really believe making Israel into a two state nation this will solve all problems in the middle east? Iran is Shiia and Saudi is Sunni and Saudi Sunni has been holding the ace cards since imposition of sanctions on IRAN in 1979. And at which time IRAN’s religious leader had many tortured and imprisoned or hung in the same way Stalin did. Then Khomenie decided he would declare war on Russia via Afghanistan and this war is still raging today. Speaking of Russia you have no defense policies in place and reduced forces no wonder Russia is sniffing around you off the Baltic. Seems to me Putin would do a better job than you and your bunch of kids running Sweden.

God help Sweden she is going to hell in hand basket and you and your team are responsible – I am simply disgusted that such idiots as you and your government are in power. I hope the next head to roll will be yours rather than some poor woman shopping in IKEA. Time you changed your policy as of today Sir. Ship every muslim out care for the middle eastern Christians who under persecution from Muslims. Further more Christians are generally educated, will work and contribute to the economy of Sweden and observe her laws. ISLAM WILL NOT NOR WILL ISLAM integrate.

Vivienne G E Leijonhufvud

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